How To Remove Background From Image Part-2

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How To Remove Background From Image Part-2

Today I’m going to show you how to remove background from image in another way to adobe Photoshop cs5.

Today i’m concentrating on the lasso tool: Lasso tool basically allows to select parts of your image in a freestyle manner. It’s not square, it’s not a circle you actually draw what you want to select. If there some areas that you missed.


There is an easy way you can go ahead and manipulate that. Zoom in this problem areas.

You can either use the command or control space bar to go to your zoom tool, or even click your zoom tool right down in your tools palette if you choose to.


And zoom in on  this place that you missed and hold in your option and Alt key. And your lasso tool then get a minus sign by it. Now you need to trace this part that you missed. followed by looping up and basically cutting out the part that you put in that makes any sense.


Just go ahead and kind of loop up here and come all way back around where you first started right about there and release your mouse button.


If he was kind of the opposite effect instead of going out. Your lasso tool steel selected and go to hold in shift. Now a plus sign will appear next to your lasso tool.

Just go and start draw where you feel that should be. make sure when you start your connected to your previous selection.


Just now go and do with the selected and simply go to edit and copy. Or command or ctrl+C.


And go to your new picture whatever you choose to be. Go to edit and paste or use the command ctrl+V.


Now go to Layer and click down the flatten image and you successfully completed to remove background from image.



This should give you a basic understanding of how to remove  background from image.

We have more coming, so keep an eye out for those hope you guys from this helpful and I’ll see you next time.

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How To Remove Background From Image Video

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