Cropping and resizing

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Cropping and resizing both are very important in terms of beautifying an image. There are some people who consider that cropping and resizing, both are very much related but in fact it is not true as it is not more than a misconception of the people. Here we will discuss a little about cropping and resizing individually so that you could understand both the terms in an easy way.


So the difference between cropping and resizing an image is that cropping is the process in which you crop the sides or a specific part of an image to get its another size whereas resizing is a process in which you don’t crop or cut anything but you just change the size of an image. In resizing, the image the size of the whole picture is changed and nothing needs to be cropped. Cropping is basically related to change the shape of an image. After cropping the size is also changed definitely but the most prior purpose of cropping is to get another shape. Now as far as resizing the image is concerned we would like to tell you that it is not necessary that the image which is being resized would be made a smaller image as compared to the original shape of it. We see that in cropping an image the size of the image becomes smaller because we cut the image to get its different shape but in resizing we don’t make an image small  always but we can make it larger than the original image without cutting any of its part.


Now theoretically it seems that cropping and resizing is not really a very tough job and to some extant this very notion about it is also right. But in order to get a perfect size which goes well with the appearance of the image, it requires the work of experts. doesn’t hire every or any image editor who could edit the images but the thing which has made this website very famous in the world is that first this website passes different editors through different tests, evaluations and assessments and those editors who pass these specific and difficult tests are hired. So the professional team of works on cropping and resizing the images in such a way that it becomes very important in the beautification of the images. Cropping and editing is a very important work as far as the quality of the images is concerned because it effects the quality, especially the visual appearances of the images in a great deal. As we have already discussed that our team consists of the expert editors who don’t only do their work as this is their job but they have a great love and affection for editing the images. So our team of experts at resize and crop the images in the best possible form to provide the best result.

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