How To Masking Hair Easily In Photoshop CC

How To Masking Hair Easily In Photoshop CC

How To Masking Hair Easily In Photoshop CC

Open a photo you like to use in this project. Then click your image on layer and press Ctrl+J to duplicate layer.  Open your quick selection tool and draw into your image.

Then click Add Vector Mask, now double click on your layer mask thumbnail then you get a properties option, then click on Mask Edge. 

Now you get a refine edge window and there are so many options now first draw your brush on your missing hair, you can adjust your brush size like you. And click Decontaminate color to increase your images hair brightness and contrast and click ok.

Now you will get a new layer with layer mask. Open your background image you want use in your images background.


Drop down your background image on your original images to make it your background.


Now we’re going to make the hair pop a little more so we’re going to duplicate the layer, this given us more detail check it out when you magnify it.

And then lastly go to Layer and Flatten Image to make one layer to all of your separate images.


Here we include the Video for this article hope you like this.

How To Masking Hair Easily In Photoshop CC Video

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