How to Cutout & reshape a Product Image in Adobe Photoshop

How to Cutout & reshape a Product Image in Adobe Photoshop

How to Cutout & reshape a Product Image in Adobe Photoshop

Here is very sample and easy step to cutout and reshape a product image. The raw product photo can’t good for uploading website, if some edit then image look perfect. Good product photo increase sells.
Reshaping means editing the shape of a photo object. We usually make a shape more even and/or symmetrical. Through post-editing, we can create the perfect shape as it was intended in the design of the object. Reshaping a photo digitally, with Photoshop techniques such as paths, liquefying, cloning, warping, etc., allows you to photograph an object in a less than perfect shape. During a shoot it is often impossible to model an object perfectly, or it takes a lot of time.
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Reshaping offers the solution; it saves time and money, and offers better results. Subsequent corrections are also common. This means that incorrectly or unevenly photographed objects don’t have to be reshot. Shaping is done for all possible product groups, industries and sectors. Most common editing for apparel: evening the length of sleeves and/or pant legs, evening the height of shoulders or hips, the smoothing out of the fit. For packaging (food, supermarket): placing objects upright, straightening, evening out, etc.

Today I present you how to cutout / background remove and reshape product photo easily.

Open the image in Photoshop and carefully check what is the worst area in product image. Clipping photo to remove background from image or cutout product photo.


Press Control+A then all select and again presses control + T, make photo state using ruler.

How to Cutout & reshape a Product Image in Adobe Photoshop Video

Liquify to remove all bumps and reusable product photo.


Using patch tool to remove dust, fold and unwanted area, then product photo show perfect.


Open Hue/Saturation using Saturation value enter 5 or 6 then product photo Low perfect color.

How to Cutout & reshape a Product Image in Adobe Photoshop Video




Here we include the Video for this article hope you like this.

How to Cutout & reshape a Product Image in Adobe Photoshop Video

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Reshaping the Images

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Mostly normal image editors crop the images and try to provide the appropriate exposure to the images and other such thing but when it comes to reshaping the images, they totally fail. Reshaping the images is one of the most complicated thing to do as far as editing the images in concerned. There are some persons who do not exactly know the meaning of reshaping in term of editing an image. Now in the field of image editing, reshaping means that your face or your body or whatever entity is present in the image can be reshaped. For example, if a person is fat and he wants to look smarter, reshaping method would make him in the image in such a way that he would become a really smart man. His photo will show that he is a thin and smart boy. So in other words we can say that the person who wants to look smart doesn’t need to spend a lot of hours and to waste his money and energy enough but in fact he just needs to be reshaped in his image.


Isn’t it so funny that you look much smart in the picture whereas in reality you are a fat man with a loose body? Some people, who are not experts or professionals, they try to reshape an image to get a more smart look but as they are not professionals so they reshape it in such a way that the person in the image and the person in the reality looks too much different and sometimes there is no match able thing between the both even though the picture and the real person are the same. Reshaping an image have a lot of complications to deal with. Those people who are not expert don’t know how to reshape an image to such a level where it doesn’t look odd but gives a perfect look.


Our team at Expert Clipping is the team with different experts who are professionally trained and committed people. They do their work with great devotion and struggle. Reshaping an image to get a smart look is not an easy thing to do but in fact it has many complications to deal with. Our team at Expert Clipping gives the proper time to the images and know how to deal with different complications occurring in the images. For example it is not that you could easily make a thin person fat or a fat person think because the background of an image should not get the effects of reshaping the images otherwise it will look odd and it would be clearly visible that the image is fake. Moreover there are some persons who have great personalities but they are thin and there are some persons who have good and attracting personalities but they are fat, so to take the images of both thin and fat persons to a satisfactory level, it requires a great struggle and good understanding practice to deal with these complications in an efficient and effective way.

Our team at Expert Clippinghas different persons who are so much competent in their work that they could even change the face expressions of the persons who are present in the images. For an instance, if there is a person who is not smiling but other than that the image is good and captured in a great way, so our team at Expert clipping could make that person smile in the images. There are a lot of more functions and features which the team of our famous website could provide you. If you are looking for a team who can deal with all the complications of your images than you are on a right website.

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