How to make Realistic Shadow In Photoshop

How to make Realistic Shadow In Photoshop

How to make Realistic Shadow In Photoshop

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A good quality drop shadow is characterized with a smooth texture and the ability of the visual to look authentic. Since this effect needs to be raised above the background, it is imperative that the background has the right canvas- hence, the need to change the setting to suit the feature.

Today i’m going to show you how to make realistic shadows in your photos.

Shadows commonly separate out in it is setting this additionally returning the item by it is thematic,  they generally become a bit lighter and softer.

I’ll also show you how to position the shadow to a subject whose base is a regular.

First, you need to make a selection around the shape of the object and cut and paste onto its own layer. There are many ways to make selections so choose the method that’s the easiest and most effective for you.

Once you have your object on its own layer make a copy of it by pressing ctrl+j make the original layer active.

And then press ctrl+t to open your transform tool, go to the top middle and press and hold ctrl or command as you drag it down at an angle that takes into account the position and angle of the source of the light on your subject.

To re position it click inside the transform and move it, then press enter and return.

Just go to the right of lock, click on the lock transparent pixels icon.

Now open your gradient tool and click on the arrow next to the horizontal gradient bar click on the third box which is the black to white gradient. Make sure the linear gradient is highlighted.


Go to the bottom of your object and drag the line above it’s top click.

Click back on the icon to unlock it change blend mode to multiply.

Next we need to blur the shadow but before we do that i want to show you how to get to this point in a subject whose bottom is a regular. Notice the shadow doesn’t match up with it’s subject. shadowbgec-9-min

Click on edit and puppet warp.

Click on the point of each shadow that you want to be matched in position with its subject, then pull on the pin and drag it to the bottom of its subject. You can also rotate the pin by pressing and holding alt option and then rotate it. When you’re happy with the  shadows position and angle press enter and return.

Last step blurring its shadow, first we blur the base open your Rectangular Marquee tool and drag out a rectangle across the top half of the shadow click on Refine Edge and feather required bit i’m choosing 250 pixels the OK.

Now go to Filter Blur and Gaussian Blur and for the top half of the shadow upload approximately 20 pixels, again you may adjust this number for yours press ctrl+d to delete the selection.


Lastly  i want to reduce the shadows capacity so I’ll enter 80%. And then Layer>Flatten Image. 


Using This Technique You Can Cast Realistic Looking Shadows From Any Object.

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