Remove background from image Use Magic Wand Tool

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Remove background from image Use Magic Wand Tool

Today i’m going to show you How to Use Magic Wand tool in adobe Photoshop cs5.

The Magic Wand tool by far one of the simplest,most basic tools in Photoshop for isolating an image.

Wand Tool:

I’m gonna introduce you to where it’s at it W on the shortcut key and it’s look like here in your tools palette. Just Click on magic wand will have one magic wand symbol here and you can just clicking around and magically selecting things wherever you like.


New Selection:

When you click background which isn’t difficult to do it on if you click. you’ll notice that the magic wand has selected all the area you choose with a tolerance have 32 which was preset up in the tolerance box. And it’s done a fairly good job.


Add To Selection:

If it’s missed few parts and those parts can be added in couple of different ways you add them in by going up Add To Selection in your toolbar, And simply add the new areas you want to add. There’s actually a simpler way of doing it.

And different way is change your option and that would be after you made your main selection just hold on the shift key and click the extra areas that you need to change any option. You’ll notice whenever you’re in an deselected area and you press shift, a little plus sign will appear below the magic won allowing you to add to your selection.

Subtract From Selection:

Conversely you’re already selection and you press alt key and you’ll be giving a negative sign which is subtraction from the current selection.

Let’s dig into some of the other functions of the magic wand tool real quick. If you want deselect this for ctrl d.

Up here you’ll noticed several options for the magic tool.most I’ve which never get touched using Photoshop. That is the really useful if you know how to adapt them.

Intersect With Selection:

It’s an interesting option that allows to make two different selections that overlapped in your end result is going to be only were the two overlaps that will be your selection. It’s usually not very useful with the magic wand tool.


The Tolerance is going to be the variation the color you’re selecting.

Contiguous: Contiguous is something you can deselect and try this your own click in there, and you’ll notice that is selected all the color in any image, not just in the area you clicked

This is a really useful feature but be careful because with it deselected if you were to sample all the color in the image. You’ll get anything that falls within that tolerance which might end up cutting out some of your image.


Sample All Layers:

It’s useful if you’re on a multi-layered document. It didn’t  even register that this back image was there if you you select your current layer.

If were to  click sample all layers then click again you would then get a selection love that area on all the layers including the ones below and above the picture you working on.

Lets mask it out just using the mask tool add a layer mask down here at the bottom. And you’ve isolated it and it’s now on a transparent background and it’s really be dropped over into another image.

How To Remove Background From Image Video

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Photo Manipulation Services

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The approach of Photo Manipulation, when introduced in the beginning, was somewhere an idea standing between photography and graphic design because in it you take a photograph and design its graphics according to your will. So it is an approach that evolves somewhere between the art of photography and the art of graphic designing. It is actually the combining of different elements for the creation of a distinct and unique image which could even convince the person who is having the sharp and far-focusing eyes like an eagle. Image manipulation requires an extraordinary, significant and substantial set of skills which could manipulate the image in such a way that it could become unquestionably manipulated. To manipulate an image is not a child’s play but it requires a keen attention and devotion with a lot of experience in the field. This attention, devotion, passion, commitment and staunchness with years of experience is unquestionably present in the professional editors of Expert Clipping You would see that these professional and trained image editors give shape to your imagination in such a way that the unreal picture existing in your mind becomes a real image in front of your eyes.



Image manipulation is a complicated process. In it our professionals keep a number of things in their minds to make image excellent in quality and to give it a much better look. Image manipulation involves many things and some of those points which our professionals consider are, removal of jagged edges, removal of spots and wrinkles, adding or replacing objects, adding watermarks to your images, adding missing people to a group or placing missing persons etc. Our professionals give a lot of time to every single image so that applying number of manipulation in it may not give the image an absurd look. The satisfaction of the customers is number one priority of our professionals.

The purpose of Image Manipulation is to enhance the features of the images to make it more attractive and appealing. In image manipulation it is focused that the image should be manipulated in such a way that it gives an overall look which is alluring and enchanting in itself. It should be kept in mind that the overall quality of the image may not get effected by the manipulation. Image manipulation is a complicated process which could never be done unless it is not done by a professional and devoted editor. If you are in a search of professionally trained devoted and committed image manipulator then your search ends up here because here on Expert Clipping only those professional editors work which have been testes in different types of assessments and evaluations. The first thing which is kept in mind here is the satisfaction of customer. All the editors work here with great devotion and commitment because manipulating the image is not only their job but their passion.

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Background removing starting at $0.49 per image

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 Clipping Path & Remove the Background

Clipping Path & Remove the Background


Background removing starting at $0.49 per image
The price per image depends on the level of complexity. Expert Clipping (EC) provide top quality image editing services, in a reasonable price with concise possible time.

Expert Clipping (EC) is a Prominent image editing online outsourcing company. We provide background remove, clipping path, image masking, re-coloring, image cropping/resizing, image shadow & reflection and similar Image manipulation work.

Awesome customer support

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Awesome customer support

Firstly, clients must come to our team and sitting in back, know that we have an earnest working team confirming that deeds are honored & quality is constantly protective. Our clients are capable to argue graphics specifications and program & claim and in their own words and from various areas with intellectual person who can donate concept and judgment. Finally Expert Clipping provide terrific client’s support.

The team of the devoted professional photo editors at Expert Clipping provide the best customer support. The very first aim of Expert Clipping is to serve the people of this world. Our team is highly devoted in providing our customers with best possible help so that this world could be served much better. We take our revered customers as a sign of respect for us. Whenever a customer needs our support, our highly professional team provide them the support in the best possible way.

We support our customers with different ways. It has been analyzed that when a person opens a website, he might be having some questions in his mind. Our professionally trained custom support team has organized a list of frequently asked questions where many of the people could get many of the answers to their questions.

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