How to Intensify Black and White Images & Make Them

How to Intensify Black and White Images & Make Them

Converting a digital color photo into black and white goes beyond simply desaturation the colors, and can be made to mimic any of a wide range of looks created by using color filters in black and white film photography. A conversion which does not take into account an image’s color and subject of interest can dilute the artistic message and may create an image which appears washed out or lacks tonal range. This section provides a background on using color filters and outlines several different black and white conversion techniques — comparing each in terms of their flexibility and ease of use.

Now you can see the images is open up and now we can going to <image>adjustment>desaturate all the color back and white make it

Now the 1st step we can do and make it more dramatics now can we do by 1st step duplicate the layer background and 2nd one the duplicate layer set up the overlay color and set the opacity 50%

And now 2ndone you get new adjustment layer and pick a gradient map now obviously you gradient and pick white and black. Same thing as before us going to setting an overlay and also do opacity on 50%



So now we can do this add some adjustment layer and createnew adjustment layer>exposure.. layer and we can start with exposure some adjustment with them. Now we can see the difference



We can another layer and new adjustment layer> brightness/contrast we now incresce brightness and contrast

Now we can see a diametric white color

Now we can do make layer and we can going to <image>apply image then doing with dodge tool and burn tool now keep your brush tool and doing with image

Now click on filter go sharpen and click and ok then again go sharpen more click on her then ok .

And difference between after and before



It’s worth taking the time to experiment with these different methods when deciding how to approach black and white conversion. Some may work better for you than others, but always remember to keep an original copy of the image if using a destructive method!

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How To Create Fire Portrait Effect In Photoshop

How To Create Fire Portrait Effect In Photoshop

How To Create Fire Portrait Effect In Photoshop

First open a photo you like to use in this project, now you need to cut him out from background so you can use for this your quick selection tool.


When your selection is ready now click on layer mask icon and click a new layer mask, and then create a new blank layer. And put it under you project. Now click on paint bucket tool choose black color and fill it.


After that you go and double click on your new black layer, and select your gradient overlay. Then click gradient color and click black color stop and change it color dark red something like you, and change other white color option something brighter red and change its style radial. And change its opacity like you.


Now you can add in the fire on your image just open, and change it blend mode screen, then click right button and Rasterize Layer. Press Ctrl+T and make it smaller then select your move tool and place it where you like to use.

How To Create Fire Portrait Effect In Photoshop Video video under the post


And you rotate it by using your transform tool, now you have to make a copy of it where you want use fire effect. When you completed to covered background in fire but at this point you will also lot of fire layers, so click on your first fire and hold shift and click on your last fire. And press Ctrl+G.

Now hold on you Ctrl key and click on the layer mask, so you have selection after that go to Select Menu>Modify>Contract and select your number is 5 and ok.


After click on your main layer and go to your adjustment layer and select Hue/Saturation now change you lightness minus 100% and close it, then change its blend mode to overlay.


Then go to your layer 0 and double click and select Inner Glow and make sure your color is bright orange. And then go and increase the size little bit after that click ok.


Got to your main layer and right click then Create Clipping Mask, and then click create new adjustment layer and color balance. And again right click the color balance layer and create clipping mask. And then adjust the color you like that.

How To Create Fire Portrait Effect In Photoshop Video under the post


Now create a solid color layer and choose the color is lighter orange and change its blending mode to soft light and you can change its opacity and create it clipping mask.


Then go to your main fire group layer and copy it by pressing Ctrl+J you just go put this fire top of everything, and go and apply layer mask on your group, select your brush tool and background color is black. And then erase the fire where you don’t want it.


And you can change its brightness and contrast.

How To Create Fire Portrait Effect In Photoshop Video


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