Optimize your product photos and bring more success in your e-commerce business

Have you ever thought-what’s the point having an e-commerce site with poor quality product-image that ultimately fails to attract enough traffic? Spending huge money in promotion or marketing efforts but lesser efforts in putting quality images of your products will bring nothing but frustration. It will eventually bring into a failure. But no worry, here we are. Let’s see why this is important and how good quality pictures can bring a lot to your e-commerce venture.

Let us explain top five reasons of putting quality pictures that generate more success in your e-commerce site:

  1. Seeing is believing:Traditionally, people want to see what they are intended to buy. They love to experience what they are going to purchase. It is natural. They want to get a clear perspective about the products- No matter it is in a shopping mall or in an e-commerce website. Unless getting a clear view, they are not likely to spend much. A well description of your product is good but not sufficient without good pictures from all the angles of your product. But how?

Simple is fine: Put a picture that simply displays the products in a clear cut way without putting any obstacle before this. Avoid too much exaggerated graphics or heavy colorful background. A white background will do the best. Do not add anything as feature that is not in the original product.

Appropriate angle:Placing a photo that describes your product in its best manner or showing its best appealing features from best angles are the key to get more buying from your customers. Who don’t believe in love at first sight?

And you know what? A photo from a right angle will help you winning the visitor’s mind. In fact it creates a greater visual impression into your customer’s state of mind.

Sharp image:Sharpness of image is very much important. It facilities a wider feel of clarity in your customer’s viewing. It helps to take them right decision which in turn gets you back as revenue. So, there is not much alternative of putting clear and crispy pictures of your products. Take photos with larger depth of field so that both the background and foreground remain clear and sharp. Small lens aperture for example 1/16 or beyond will help you to achieve this.

Shoot several photos: Sometimes one photo can describe the most, but not always. Every item has several features to describe or to promote. So, in almost every case you will require several photos of a same product to promote all the Unique Sales Propositions. So, it is obvious that, people would love to see their desirable things from several perspectives. Putting several photos from multiple angles will increase the chances to get purchased. It gives them a feeling of completeness.

Don’t forget putting the important details: When you look for buying a watch online, I am pretty sure, you look for the details of the chain, the texture of the leather strap, etc. For example, you are searching a dress to buy in a website. What you will look for in it? Surely, the colors, the texture, the laces, even the buttons!  Since you are not able to touch the dress in reality, you must try to experience the dress seeing the every single details of the dress as much as possible. This is obvious. Now, think this as the e-commerce site owner. The more detail you can incorporate, the higher the chances of getting sales.The higher the sales, the higher the revenue, right? Do not forget to put the images in higher resolution; it will help your visitors to find things what they are looking for. It will also reduce the hassle of shuttling between you and your customers for any apparently not so much important things. You do not know exactly what the every single customer look for in the product details. So, if you can place detail pictorial view of your product, it will eventually help your customers to get answers of their queries right from the website. They will not need to inbox you for any silly matter.

Smart images for smarter Customers:Image technology has come to a long way of development in recent time. Along the evolution of various online photo-sharing apps or sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasso, etc. customers today are much smarter in terms of imagery experiences. Everyday they are experiencing thousands of quality images. They are almost masters regarding images.  They even do not tolerate any under processed or substandard image in their image seeing experience. So keep this mind while choosing photo of your products. You need to focus on the quality and the finishing of the photos. Here’s how:

Shoot base photo in RAW:You already aware that, photo enthusiasts prefer to capture images in RAW format. It is recommended that, for post editing of your photos and to get maximum result, shoot it in RAW format. Say no to JPEG because it eliminates important details and features of your photo to reduce the file size. It prevents you to play with the various aspects while editing your photos properly. Choose a higher resolution of our photo.

Establish a brand like feel: Customers pay much for a brand. Very cheap and lower graded images can make you the negative branding. Rather focus on building a brand that encompasses brilliant looking images and can create a reliable brand image about your product in the mind of your customers. Here’s how:

White Background:You must seen that, how beautiful it looks when the product photos are put in clear white backgrounds. It glorifies the product images in a simpler yet gorgeous way. It enables the seller to put his products in a well-mannered way in front of the customers. It also helps to display the products in a unique style across the site. If you arrange a clean white background for capturing your product photo, it will help you a lot even if you make your background white in post production stage. It will facilitate you achieving a clean background without many hassles. You can simply use white board, white foam or cardboard to get an edge less white background.

Right lighting saves much: Many problems like unwanted shadow, distracting color casts, disturbing glares, unwanted obstacles, etc. can be fixed partly or even fully in the post production stage. True, but think about the time and cost behind these! Is it worthy at all?  So, why not using proper lighting right from very beginning of the shooting process? It will gear up the entire process and so as the sales.

You can use three simple lights and stands achieving a good lighting for your product photography. It is not that costly if you consider the benefit you rip from doing this. Just place two of the lights in front and to either side of your item shooting area, faced to the white ceiling or walls, but not at the item. Thus the output of the strobes will reproduce off the room’s hard exteriors, bouncing around to generate a nice soft and even light with slight to no shades (just ensure the walls and ceiling are purely white, else your photos will have a bizarre color-cast!). Use the 3rdflash to straight and equally lighten the background.

Do better from others:What do you think- while you are doing these efforts to make your e-commerce venture more revenue generating, your competitor friends will remain idle? No, my dear friend!You need to do things better than them. In this age of information, almost everybody knows everything. But what makes the difference is- not everybody do things as they know. So, you need to act accordingly to make a clear difference against your rivals in an appropriate manner. But how?

Get the best tools:To get the best product photos, not necessarily you should have the best full frame camera! This is not about the price but the way of using it. A moderate priced camera can deliver you best quality output. Just make sure, you are getting your images in high-resolution RAW format. So, don’t worry much about the price, rather focus on capturing it properly. Everything will be done afterwards.

Money costs, time too: It is not always the money you need to spend, sometimes, it is the time of you. Involve yourself in spending money for producing high quality images. It will save at least some money but in return you will get the quality production. However, there are always some optimized product image options, in case of unavailability of time from your time. Let’s have a look:

Photo editing software:To get the best quality images, not always, you need to have the premium photo editor from Adobe! It is very much possible even not using such costly applications. If you want, you may use other available alternative solutions that may be worthy in price and can offer you something good especially when your photos do not need much editing. You may try GIMP or Pick Monkey. Both of them offer something useful however latest versions may seems a bit discomfort due to some lesser layer capabilities. A bit of ‘trial and error’ basis exercise will save you a large amount of money without sacrificing quality in a greater way. You know, in business every single spending should be properly justified.

Reasonable solution for Background retouching: A consistent and clear looking white background is a key element of building a brand-like product image line. Nobody will like photos with uneven different colors images that are inconsistent. It is a serious e-commerce faux-pas that may completely destroy your e-commerce efforts easily. Doing these, you may get help from many cheap options but unfortunately not all those are that much reliable. Another thing is that, will it be much wise to spend hours before a monitor fixing or cutting the edges of your product in any image editing software by yourself when you have hell lot other staffs to finish? So, what you could do is- finding some alternatives!

Outsourcing:For some last couple of years, retouching photo for getting professional look was really bit expensive. As a result this services were only been used by large organizations. Small stores or e-commerce ventures were either using low quality services or using nothing at all.

The scenario has been changed for the emergence of many quality outsourcing options. So, not getting your product images with clearly finished edged white or classy background is almost like a crime of killing your e-commerce venture by yourself! Would you do that? Surely, no! So, pay some money to the professionals for this purpose.

Finally, you are clear now that, who can spend time and money for producing quality product images for their e-commerce site, they have the options by doing it by themselves. And those do not have that much time; they have the alternative options to get the tasks done from outsourcing options.