Retouching the images

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Life is a series of moments. Of those beautiful moments, some are captured by us beautifully but sometimes some of the beautiful moments are not captured beautifully. So the retouching services of Expert Clipping retouch those moments which have been captured in a wrong way and give it a beautiful shape of a beautiful digitized picture. The professional team of Expert Clipping is trained in such a way that it gives the taste of reality and originality to your images. Retouching services of Expert is very specially treated and fortunately these are the services which have taken this website, Expert Clipping to the heights of popularity. To make the memories of your precious moments better, the website, Expert Clipping offer you the best retouching services that you would never had enjoyed before.

Retouching the images is not as easy as some people think about it. There are various misconceptions that retouching the images is easy and can be done by applying a specific method but this merely a misconception and it has no link with the reality. Every image is unique in itself and there is not a single rule or method which could be applied to retouch the images. In reality retouching is a proper process which is very complicatedly dealt by experts in order to get best results. Every image is treated in a different way according to its style. The team of Expert Clipping are professionally trained and devoted people who have a lot of experience in retouching the images. This team deals with the different complications of retouching the images and gives the best possible result.


For the information we are telling you that retouching the images needs a specific process in which different types of images are dealt accordingly. The first step in retouching the images is called preparation. During the first step the images which have been shot in the raw format are dealt by providing the proper exposure and colors according to their need. There are some images which have been shot in very less light and there are some which have been shot in acute brightness. So every image is dealt according to its present situation. Similarly all these things are treated in the step of preparation by our experts.

The second step is that our experts create the base images which they are going to retouch. In this step the things which are related to exposure are treated. For example how much base mask does the image require or it doesn’t require any base mask at all. Different layers are treated with the help of paint brushes and other tools. So there are many other things similar to it which are treated in the second step.

In the third step the focus is on the working on the skin of the faces present in the images. There are some images in which there is the face of only person and there are some in which there are different people with different faces. Now images with the different faces are treated differently as there could be some persons in the image which are black and some are white. Every person present in the images often have different colors and if not different colors then definitely every person present in the images would be having different skins as it is the rule of the nature that skin differs. Now in this complicated step our experts deal with the skins of the different faces present in the pictures differently by using all of their professional abilities.

Here we have told you just the first three steps, apart from these three steps there are number of other steps which are treated while retouching the images. So Expert Clipping is one of the best websites due to its retouching services because our professional team is very good in it and can provide you the best kind of photo retouching services.

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Cropping and resizing

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Cropping and resizing both are very important in terms of beautifying an image. There are some people who consider that cropping and resizing, both are very much related but in fact it is not true as it is not more than a misconception of the people. Here we will discuss a little about cropping and resizing individually so that you could understand both the terms in an easy way.


So the difference between cropping and resizing an image is that cropping is the process in which you crop the sides or a specific part of an image to get its another size whereas resizing is a process in which you don’t crop or cut anything but you just change the size of an image. In resizing, the image the size of the whole picture is changed and nothing needs to be cropped. Cropping is basically related to change the shape of an image. After cropping the size is also changed definitely but the most prior purpose of cropping is to get another shape. Now as far as resizing the image is concerned we would like to tell you that it is not necessary that the image which is being resized would be made a smaller image as compared to the original shape of it. We see that in cropping an image the size of the image becomes smaller because we cut the image to get its different shape but in resizing we don’t make an image small  always but we can make it larger than the original image without cutting any of its part.


Now theoretically it seems that cropping and resizing is not really a very tough job and to some extant this very notion about it is also right. But in order to get a perfect size which goes well with the appearance of the image, it requires the work of experts. doesn’t hire every or any image editor who could edit the images but the thing which has made this website very famous in the world is that first this website passes different editors through different tests, evaluations and assessments and those editors who pass these specific and difficult tests are hired. So the professional team of works on cropping and resizing the images in such a way that it becomes very important in the beautification of the images. Cropping and editing is a very important work as far as the quality of the images is concerned because it effects the quality, especially the visual appearances of the images in a great deal. As we have already discussed that our team consists of the expert editors who don’t only do their work as this is their job but they have a great love and affection for editing the images. So our team of experts at resize and crop the images in the best possible form to provide the best result.

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Reshaping the Images

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Mostly normal image editors crop the images and try to provide the appropriate exposure to the images and other such thing but when it comes to reshaping the images, they totally fail. Reshaping the images is one of the most complicated thing to do as far as editing the images in concerned. There are some persons who do not exactly know the meaning of reshaping in term of editing an image. Now in the field of image editing, reshaping means that your face or your body or whatever entity is present in the image can be reshaped. For example, if a person is fat and he wants to look smarter, reshaping method would make him in the image in such a way that he would become a really smart man. His photo will show that he is a thin and smart boy. So in other words we can say that the person who wants to look smart doesn’t need to spend a lot of hours and to waste his money and energy enough but in fact he just needs to be reshaped in his image.


Isn’t it so funny that you look much smart in the picture whereas in reality you are a fat man with a loose body? Some people, who are not experts or professionals, they try to reshape an image to get a more smart look but as they are not professionals so they reshape it in such a way that the person in the image and the person in the reality looks too much different and sometimes there is no match able thing between the both even though the picture and the real person are the same. Reshaping an image have a lot of complications to deal with. Those people who are not expert don’t know how to reshape an image to such a level where it doesn’t look odd but gives a perfect look.


Our team at Expert Clipping is the team with different experts who are professionally trained and committed people. They do their work with great devotion and struggle. Reshaping an image to get a smart look is not an easy thing to do but in fact it has many complications to deal with. Our team at Expert Clipping gives the proper time to the images and know how to deal with different complications occurring in the images. For example it is not that you could easily make a thin person fat or a fat person think because the background of an image should not get the effects of reshaping the images otherwise it will look odd and it would be clearly visible that the image is fake. Moreover there are some persons who have great personalities but they are thin and there are some persons who have good and attracting personalities but they are fat, so to take the images of both thin and fat persons to a satisfactory level, it requires a great struggle and good understanding practice to deal with these complications in an efficient and effective way.

Our team at Expert Clippinghas different persons who are so much competent in their work that they could even change the face expressions of the persons who are present in the images. For an instance, if there is a person who is not smiling but other than that the image is good and captured in a great way, so our team at Expert clipping could make that person smile in the images. There are a lot of more functions and features which the team of our famous website could provide you. If you are looking for a team who can deal with all the complications of your images than you are on a right website.

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Photo Manipulation Services

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The approach of Photo Manipulation, when introduced in the beginning, was somewhere an idea standing between photography and graphic design because in it you take a photograph and design its graphics according to your will. So it is an approach that evolves somewhere between the art of photography and the art of graphic designing. It is actually the combining of different elements for the creation of a distinct and unique image which could even convince the person who is having the sharp and far-focusing eyes like an eagle. Image manipulation requires an extraordinary, significant and substantial set of skills which could manipulate the image in such a way that it could become unquestionably manipulated. To manipulate an image is not a child’s play but it requires a keen attention and devotion with a lot of experience in the field. This attention, devotion, passion, commitment and staunchness with years of experience is unquestionably present in the professional editors of Expert Clipping You would see that these professional and trained image editors give shape to your imagination in such a way that the unreal picture existing in your mind becomes a real image in front of your eyes.



Image manipulation is a complicated process. In it our professionals keep a number of things in their minds to make image excellent in quality and to give it a much better look. Image manipulation involves many things and some of those points which our professionals consider are, removal of jagged edges, removal of spots and wrinkles, adding or replacing objects, adding watermarks to your images, adding missing people to a group or placing missing persons etc. Our professionals give a lot of time to every single image so that applying number of manipulation in it may not give the image an absurd look. The satisfaction of the customers is number one priority of our professionals.

The purpose of Image Manipulation is to enhance the features of the images to make it more attractive and appealing. In image manipulation it is focused that the image should be manipulated in such a way that it gives an overall look which is alluring and enchanting in itself. It should be kept in mind that the overall quality of the image may not get effected by the manipulation. Image manipulation is a complicated process which could never be done unless it is not done by a professional and devoted editor. If you are in a search of professionally trained devoted and committed image manipulator then your search ends up here because here on Expert Clipping only those professional editors work which have been testes in different types of assessments and evaluations. The first thing which is kept in mind here is the satisfaction of customer. All the editors work here with great devotion and commitment because manipulating the image is not only their job but their passion.

Expert Clipping is a website of professional image editors who have taken their oaths to give the best touch to the images to the best of their abilities. This website is one of the most popular websites of image editors because it doesn’t take only professional editors but those who have great passion and affection in their hearts for image editing and have a lot of experience in the field are taken here.

Image manipulation is not a work that could be done by any person in this world but it requires a lot of innate creativity and number of constant years given to the field. It is after this experience and passion that Expert Clipping has gained a world ranking reputation in the field of Image manipulation.  The quality and devotion is the best known practice of this company.

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Hair masking in Photoshop

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Hair masking is a very important concept, which in the beginning, when introduced, made the edited image more beautiful, attractive and alluring. The concept of mask is just related to filtering. This concept involves the explicit filtering operation to the images which need to be edited. So with respect to this the most image masking experts also called is spatial filtering because they understand what that is the basic of it that a mask in fact is a filter.


Now the questions which arise here are that what in fact is this filtering kind of thing and how it is done? The answer to the former question is that filtering is a process which involves the convulsion of a mask with an image. First there is a mask that an editor wants to convolve in the basic image which he is editing. The best image editors are those who convolve the images with the masks in such a way that it seems that there is no mask in the image and in fact the image is such a beautifully designed that it shows that the mask is present in a real image and it  is a part of it. This process involves the similarity of convolution so the filter masks are also called convolution masks. The answer to the later question that how image masking is done is that masking an image involves the moving of filter masks point to point of the original image and the relationship of image and mask is seen in a response which shows how much the mask fits to the image.


Image masking is not an easy task to do it requires the attentive work of great and professional image editors because it is a very complicated work to do which could not be done by a normal image editor because the relationship between the original image and the mask is established with a great concentration and attention. is one of the best websites which has a large number of professional image editors working specially for it. These image editors have been selected after examining a lot of different images edited by them and it has been noticed that Image Masking is one of those areas in which these professional image editors of are extremely good. As it has already been told that Image masking is not an easy work to do but in fact it is a very complicated process which involves a great attention and concentration along with a great experience.

Now there are different types of filters which need to be understood and that requires a lot of practice. Mainly, there are two types of filters, the first one is called linear filter which is also called as smoothing filters and the second type of filters is called frequency domain filter. Now both these filters require a lot of experience to be understood and worked properly. The expert image editors of are not common fish of common pounds but in fact they are professionally trained image editors which have spent their years in the field of image editing. They have been through such tests and evaluations which prove them as one of the best image editors of the world.

Apart from the complications of Image Masking discussed above there are a number of complications which are far beyond the knowledge of common image editors. Our professionals are the one who understand all the complications which one face while masking an image and they could tackle all such kind of situations being the experts.