How to transform image into Gorgeous pencil drawings

Hi. This is marty  From blue lighting tv. A year ago I did a tutorial on how to to make a pencil drawing from a photo using an earlier version of Photoshop. Now, I’m going to show you a faster and easier way to do it.  This document is approximately  26/2 by 16/2 inches with a resolution of 96 pixels per inch.

Open a photo and make a copy it  by pressing ctrl + j on a pc cmd + j on a mac click on the adjustment layer button

and choose hue/saturation. Reduce  the saturation to -100. Click on the thumbnail of layer 1

to make it active and change the Blend Mode to color Dodge.

Invert it by pressing ctrl or Cmd + L Ati tis point , your image should look white . Go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian blur . Slide the radius to an amount that looks good to you. Your image should have the look and feel more of a pencil drawling than a photograph .

to make the overall image look denser, click on the Adjustment Layer button again and this time choose Levels. Slide the input darks to the right. Until the face is just the right amount of the density.

If other areas are too dense like the dress in this example, open your Brush Tool, make the Brush size relatively large, the hardness 0% and the Opacity, 40%. Make sure the foreground color is black and then brush over areas you’d like to make less than dense.

to clean up some areas, make a “composite  snapshot”  by pressing ctrl + Shift + alt + E  on a pc or Cmd + Shift + option + E on a Mac .

invert the foreground and background colors by clicking on the curved, double-arrow icon or pry pressing “x” on your Keyboard. Make the brush size small the medium and the opacity, 100%.


Now, Simply brush over the areas you want to clean up. Using the clip Simple techniques, you can transform any photo into a beautiful pencil drawing.

This is marty from blue lighting tv. Thanks for reading.

How To Quickly Create Stylish Pop Art Portraits From Images In Photoshop

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How To Quickly Create Stylish Pop Art Portraits From Images In Photoshop

Today i’m going to show you how to easily create pop art portraits from photos, open a photo you like to use.

The first step is to crop your image, Open your crop tool and delete the amount in the width field. Keep it empty for the height, type 870 pixel and for the resolution, type in 150 pixels per inch.


Drag any of the crop boundaries in or out to crop your image. Then click the check mark at the top. Or press enter .



Next you convert your image into a Smart Object, so you can modify it non-destructively as well as allow you to change or adjust all the filter that you’ll be adding to it. Click the icon at the upper, right up the Layers panel and click “Convert to smart Object”.


Make 2 copies of the layer by pressing ctrl+j twice. Name the top layer “cutout” next layer “Hard Light” and the bottom layer “Stamp” Click the eyeball icons of the top two layer to temporarily hide them.


Go to filter and Filter Gallery. Open the Sketch Folder and click stamp. For this example I’ll make the “Light/Dark Balance” 7 and “Smoothness” 1 however, feel free to adjust this amount. Remember because your image is smart object, you can change or adjust the filter at any time.


Make the middle layer visible and active. Change its blend mode to “Hard Light”


Make the top layer visible and active. Go back to “Filter” and “Filter Gallery” . Close the Sketch Folder and open the “Artistic” folder. Click “CutOut” I’ll make the Number of Levels: 7 Edge Simplicity: 7  and the Edge Fidelity: 2 then click OK.


Change its blend mode to multiply. To change the shapes of the colors and theirs amount, double click the “Filter Gallery” in the top layer to open back up the “Cut Out” Filter. Have fun experimenting with the amount.

If your image is too dark, as this example, to lighten it Shift-click the bottom layer to make all the layers active and merge them into a smart object.


Go to image, Adjustment and “Shadows/Highlight” the shadows amount default 35%, however, feel free to adjust this amount then click ok.

To increase the colors vibrancy, click the adjustment layer icon and click “Vibrance” I’ll drag the vibrance all the way to the right.


Using this technique you can create your photo stylish and pop art portraits.
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